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3 Things You Should Look For In A Retirement Home

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As soon as you realize that your elderly parent isn’t well enough to live on their own any longer, you might start searching for a great retirement home. Unfortunately, choosing a retirement home or assisted living center can be a grueling choice, especially if you aren’t familiar with the local market. Here are three things you should look for in a retirement home so that your parent can enjoy their new place: 1. Nutrition Programs Proper nutrition is essential when people reach their golden years, since older people are more prone to serious health conditions like diabetes. To ward off medical emergencies, some retirement homes focus on health and nutrition. In addition to offering group aerobics classes and low-impact water exercise classes, some retirement homes have on-site nutrition coordinators that oversee menus and check in with residents. This means that your parent might be able to enjoy a customized daily menu to address his or her health needs. For example, if your parent has diabetes, that nutritionist might design a custom menu to keep their sugars in line. Also, nutrition programs are important, because they create a culture of wellness. If your parent sees their peers heading out on a nature walk or enjoying a nice game of croquet, they might be more likely to get outside, enjoy a little fresh air, and focus on exercise.   2. On-Site Medical Staff Do you ever get nervous about your parent driving to their doctor’s appointments? To make things easier for your loved one, some facilities offer a skilled on-site medical staff that can visit your parent at their home. Instead of having to climb behind the wheel of a car and figure out how to get around that construction traffic, your parent can simply set up an appointment and enjoy a personalized visit at home. Also, having an on-site medical staff gives physicians and nurses more time to spend with their patients, which can improve the overall quality of care. Your parent’s doctor might be able to track health issues more carefully so that your loved one can stay comfortable. 3. Proximity To Friends As you shop for a retirement home, don’t forget to think about the proximity to your parent’s friends. If possible, look for a retirement home that already houses some of your parent’s friends, because they are actually essential to your parent’s health. Believe it or not, research has shown that people who have a large network of close friends live about 22% longer than their peers who don’t have good friends. Protecting those close relationships might improve your loved one’s outlook, because a changing environment can be a stressful thing. Contact a professional retirement home like Retirement Residences at Greenview Lodge, and ask about the benefits they can offer your parent. With the right retirement home, your parent might be able to enjoy a safe, happy environment for the rest of their...

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Keeping Your Aging Mind Sharp

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One fear people have when moving into senior housing is how to keep their minds active. Often seniors are portrayed as sitting in an easy chair in front of the TV as their minds fade away. The reality is that there are many ways to keep your mind sharp, especially if you live in a senior community where you can easily engage with people. Here are just a few ways to prevent your mind from settling into a sedentary lifestyle. Exercise the Body By getting any kind of exercise into your daily schedule, you stimulate your brain. Just one brisk walk each day increases your circulation, bringing more oxygen to your brain and your whole body. If you live near a senior center, find out about exercise programs you can join. You could organize a group of people that like to walk. Or use the free weights for an upper body workout. Get your body moving and raise your heart rate to keep your mind in shape. Exercise Your Brain Work on different types of puzzles each week to exercise different parts of your mind. Each puzzle offers a way for your brain to figure out a problem which, to your brain, is exercise. Sudoku, jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, word-finder puzzles, and logic puzzles all give your brain a good workout. Vary the types of puzzles you do so you don’t get bored. You may even find others in a senior center who would enjoy meeting as a group to work on similar puzzles. Stay Connected With People Find ways to be active with other people where you have the chance to talk. Socializing is an important part of your mind’s health. It keeps you from becoming isolated, which impacts your social skills. Talking with and listening to others exercises those skills. Don’t Stop Learning Learning is a natural function of the brain and something it craves. Learning and adapting is a part of the survival skills that each person has. Take an online class or enroll in a local community college. Community centers often offer classes where you can learn to paint, write a novel, or prepare an authentic Greek dish from others in the community. Give Back to Your Community Share your unique skills and experiences with others. Be one of the teachers in the community classes mentioned above. Help other seniors use social media. Teach knitting or quilt-making. Give yoga classes. Most people have skills that others can benefit from and becoming a teacher of those skills will challenge your mind. These are just a few ways to keep your mind active and healthy. Get your mind involved in all types of activities throughout the week and you’ll be giving your brain the ultimate workout. Talk to a center like Schlegel Villages for more...

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